Exante Diet Week 4

I can’t quite believe I’m already on week 4! If you’ve been following my Exante journey you’ll know I’ve been using this meal replacement system to try and shift the weight, if not here’s Week 1’s post. Throughout I have purchased all items myself.

Thoughts this week

I don’t drink anywhere enough water, I simply can’t abide the taste of it so this week I made it my mission to up it. I have bought myself a water bottle and have been taking it to work to encourage myself to drink far more and have bought sugar free squash to add to it so I know I will drink it happily.

Robinsons Squash'd Summer Fruits Passion Fruit & Mango

On top of that I also bought some of the Exante Burst low calorie energy drink sachets. I picked the variety pack which comprises of 30 sachets with 3 flavours:

  • Strawberry Lime
  • Tropical
  • Mixed Berry

They are made with real fruit and contain green tea extract, low sugar and added collagen. They are also enriched with vitamins and minerals, iron, b12, biotin, zinc, magnesium, choline and vitamin c.

Exante Burst Tropical Mixed Berry Strawberry Lime

They just need to be mixed with 500ml of water and this gives a yummy drink that you can sip. I found this really useful to increase my fluid intake. I’ve read lots of articles that advise being properly hydrated helps massively with weight loss so I’m going to keep this up.

I retried the savoury meals, the one I have found palatable with a little helping hand is the Beef & Black Bean, I had a little play with herbs and found that adding mixed herbs and soy sauce to it improved the flavour and I actually enjoyed it. I have still stuck to the 4 products a day/ 800 cals at some stage I would like to change this to 3 replacements and a meal but I’m happy as I am for the time being.

I initially started this diet to improve my hip pain but I have since had a further GP consultation that suggests it’s unlikely to help but now that I’ve started I want to continue and get myself out of the obese category that shocked me on my first weigh day. I have changed my method of pain relief so I’m hoping it may help me to get a walk in every day as usually once I’ve finished work I’m in agony all evening. We’ll see!

What I lost


I really was hoping to hit the stone mark this week but it appears it wasn’t quite within my grasp, although at least I’m ever closer to it! I still have a long way to go but each week I’ve lost and haven’t gained so I will get there eventually.

I am still really enjoying the products, I like to try all different ones rather than stick to the same few so I don’t get too bored. I haven’t slipped up at all again this week so I am very proud of myself for sticking to it for this long!

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried Exante before? Join me next week to see how I go! If you decide to join up and order would you consider using my link? It won’t cost you anymore and it just means I could earn some credits towards my next purchase.


Julie x (2)

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