Exante Diet Week 5

Week 5 on my  Exante journey and what a scorcher it’s been! Lucky for me I find the heat really reduces my appetite so it’s done me a huge favour.

Thoughts this week

As I said above I tend to lose my appetite when it’s hot and as a bonus because hot weather makes you thirsty it’s meant I’ve increased my fluid intake hugely which is obviously beneficial.

This week I’ve also had another little win, when I first started my diet I tried the Gooey Chocolate pudding and couldn’t understand why ended up with a what tasted like a chocolate omelette. However after a little playing around with the recipe I have it licked (literally). For anyone interested I upped the water to 75mls and only put it in the microwave for 40 secs.

Exante Gooey Chocolate Pudding Raspberry Syrup


Who says diets are all lettuce leaves and dust huh?

This week I had my first little thought about wanting to eat something I shouldn’t. Between my chronic pain, working and looking after a parent who’s shielding I had one of those evenings where you just want to stuff your face full of crap. I’m pleased to say I did manage to fight it off, I went to bed early and read a good book to take my mind off it and with below’s loss this week you’ll see why I’m glad I didn’t cave.

What I lost

I’m so pleased with this week’s loss, seeing the numbers come down is so encouraging! And the best bit? I’m no longer classed as obese and I’m now just in the overweight class! I’m absolutely delighted with this and it’s given me the boost to carry on.

weightloss tracker

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried Exante before? Join me next week to see how I go! If you decide to join up and order would you consider using my link? It won’t cost you anymore and it just means I could earn some credits towards my next purchase.


Julie x (2)

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