Exante Diet Week 6

So it’s week 6 of my Exante journey, the weeks are flying by at a ridiculous rate. We are back to crappy old rain here in South Wales but I won’t let it dampen my spirits!

Thoughts this week

My eyes and ears have been battered by Eat Out To Help Out adverts all over the place this week and family members have indulged in Mcdonald’s and KFC. I have however remained firm, despite being the driver to go and get these items I’ve stuck fast to my diet. I could complain, make a fuss and say no but that wouldn’t be fair and I don’t want to make the fact I’m trying to lose weight a massive thing in front of my children as I don’t want them to have body issues. They have a takeaway as a treat and know what foods are healthy, they learned lots at school so I don’t feel they should miss out just because I have to.

As a bit of fun I made some sugar free jelly sweets after seeing the idea on the Exante FB group page (not that I got to eat many of them might I add!)

I used:

  • 1 sachet each of raspberry and orange sugar free jelly
  • Small moulds
  • Boiling water 100ml for each sachet

It’s so simple, just add the boiling water to the sachet of jelly crystals, stir vigourously, allow to cool and put in the fridge for as long as you can possibly stand to wait – the longer the better! I have seen other variations that include the use of gelatine but this was completely no faff and I was really chuffed with them.

I didn’t have a gummy bear mould which would have been extra cute but had some others left from Easter crafts which I think worked just as well. I will be picking up some more jelly just to have a go at making a few more and this time I’ll be hiding them!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I lost 

Well as you can see I didn’t do that well this week BUT I did lose which I’m very happy with. It means I’m still on the right track and I’m delighted that I have lost each and every 1 of the 6 weeks I’ve been doing it.  For whatever reason my head is totally in the right place and I am still as determined as ever. Who knows, when I finally hit my goal weight I might post a bikini pic (wonder how many people will read this bit and hold me to it!!)
Weightloss Tracker

Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried Exante before? Join me next week to see how I go! If you decide to join up and order would you consider using my link? It won’t cost you anymore and it just means I could earn some credits towards my next purchase.


Julie x (2)

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