All Change

So you may have noticed I’ve rebranded! Now that my children have got a bit older, my life is a little less about toys so I thought at some stage I needed to evolve and now seems a good a time as any! So I’m no longer Pickinguptoys but I’m still the same dippy sod I’ve always been, I will still feature reviews and giveaways but I wanted to try and encourage myself to write more of the stuff floating around my head…this could turn out bad couldn’t it?! I’ll start with a bit of an update as to what I’ve been up to over the last few months.

I half heartedly started to write this post when things were easing off a bit lockdown wise if for no other reason than as a memory in years to come but it seems we are destined to be in and out of lockdown for some time yet. I’m extremely late to the table I know but the last few months have been busy. Between working, looking after a parent and home schooling there’s been little time for much else. I say look after a parent as I have 1 parent who is terrified to set foot outside the door and runs around cleaning anything he so much as looks at and 1 who carried on as if nothing had changed. I’m not sure which of these scenarios is worse but honestly, they’re meant to be the grown up grown up’s, I’m still a kid, aren’t I?


Truth be told, I bloody loved the original lockdown. I hate going shopping, I hate crowds of people and my stupid hip means I also hate walking so for me it was a dream come true. Jon however is the total opposite and moaned the entire time about being stuck indoors and got right on my nerves. I could sit on my arse reading books and binging Britbox and Netflix and it was allowed. Positively encouraged I’ll have you know!

Home schooling

Hand on heart I went into home schooling with the best intentions, I set them up desks, got stationery together, printed off a million fun to do things and then…it all went to shit. 5 mins inside Evans Educational Establishment and the kids wanted to rip their own heads off. I think they thought it would be fun and games but it wasn’t it was tiresome and frustrating. When the teachers started using Google Classroom to send homework things got easier but I had to force my daughter into it with all manner of begging, bribing and old fashioned telling off. I’m not a teacher, I’ll never be a teacher and it’s really difficult to get someone who loathes reading to stick their nose in a book without the use of superglue.


People can be such dicks can’t they? Most of the time people just got on with it, queued politely like the British are renowned for, did their shop and pootled on home. Then there were the fuckwits. The one’s who shouted at staff, got right in your face for no reason and bought far too much plush aloe vera 3 ply. I actually quite liked the calm, less peoply version of the supermarket when it first kicked off, the 12 mile queues and empty shelves weren’t much fun but once things settled it was a pretty nice experience. But now things are pretty much a free for all again and people get right in your face and up your bum and it’s all you can do not to lob a melon at their head.


Initially I wasn’t too bothered about Covid, I work in a medical setting and was taking my cues from those around me, washing my hands more and just getting on with it. Then people started to panic more, the PPE shortage went crazy and people started to get really, really ill including several colleagues and Mrs A so the fear set in. I didn’t go bonkers but I started to notice more people just generally not giving a stuff, where the majority had toed the line a lot are now kicking back and acting as if nothing was happening. You’ve got a split of people on your social media, the ones who have similar opinions to yourself and then there’s the one’s who share memes about what’s in a vaccination without fact checking, why on earth would they want to track Callum from Croydon when everything he does goes on Snapchat anyway?! People seem to have gone crazy over pubs closing and/or not being allowed to sell alcohol, I don’t drink anymore anyway so that side of things doesn’t bother me but I do feel for people whose livelihood depends on it and I think towns and cities will look very different over the next few years with businesses struggling to survive.


Since July I’ve been trying to shift the extra weight I’d accumulated from somewhere (pizza and doughnuts mainly) and sort myself out. I followed (and still do to an extent) the Exante diet and if you’d like to see some of my posts along my journey you can so here. I’ve so far lost a total of 2st 7lb and I have 12lbs to go until my personal goal. I’m taking it slowly as I don’t want it to pile back on but I’m hoping I don’t lose the plot over Christmas and inhale Quality Street.


Well this will be a weird one won’t it? Whether you’re holing up in your bubble and bolting all the doors or throwing caution to the wind and having the whole lot over right down to your great aunt Maude with the whiskery chin , it’s not going to be quite the same is it? It just feels odd. Normally at this time of year I’d be writing lists, planning days out, going to a pantomime and none of that is happening. I adore Christmas, it’s always been my favourite time of year but I just can’t seem to get myself in the right headspace to get any shopping done and it really is going to be a last minute battle if I don’t pull my finger out.

So that’s me, not very exciting am I? But then I don’t suppose many people can say they’re living their best life right now!

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