Exante Diet Week 8

Week 8, the week my children go back to school and considering how much time I’ve spent worrying, panicking and stressing no doubt all will be well. At least until I get a phone call because one of them coughed…

Thoughts this week

All the shopping I’ve done and the hours spent traipsing round to find everything we need you would think I’d be positively sylphlike by now but it seems it’s not yet meant to be. 

I’ve been feeling a bit more hungry this week, I don’t know if it’s because of the change in weather or just getting used to my new normal but to stop me snacking on anything silly I’ve been having some sugar free jelly instead. I was surprised how many different flavours of these you can find now and they are enough to take the edge off.

Hartleys 10 cal Strawberry Jelly

What I lost

Weekly Weightloss Tracker

It wasn’t wonderful but it wasn’t awful either, I would be lying it I hadn’t hoped for more but the proof that I’m losing weight is there, in my face and in my clothes although I wouldn’t say I look an awful lot different in these photos (apart from my hair?!) I haven’t done anything differently or cheated in any way so I’m chalking it down to one of those things and plodding on. I know I can do it, I have and thus far I will continue to do so albeit a tiny bit at a time!


Are you trying to lose weight? Have you tried Exante before? Join me next week to see how I go! If you decide to join up and order would you consider using my link? It won’t cost you anymore and it just means I could earn some credits towards my next purchase.


Julie x (2)

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3 thoughts on “Exante Diet Week 8

  1. Hi Julie,

    It’s the jellies and stuff that are stopping you. Swap them for a pepperami or similar if you must have a little cheat.

    Citrix acid in Fruit flavoured snacks will throw you out of ketosis, and make your body store extra water.

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