Finding Confidence With Femme Luxe

*Disclosure: Contains gifted items and some of the links below are affiliate links meaning at no additional cost to you I will earn a small commission if you click through and purchase the item. 

I was offered the chance to review some clothing from UK based women’s clothing store Femme Luxe and as I scrolled through the available outfits I initially caught myself thinking things such as wow that’s tight I’ll be too short, too dumpy in that, my rolls will show, and so on and so forth as us women always tend to be our own worst critic. Then I thought, sod this I’ve lost weight, I should be proud of my achievement and show it off even though it’s makes me cringe to write that, so order I did and these are the items I chose:

Black Boxy Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set – Calleigh

Now it’s been years since I wore joggers in fact I actually can’t remember a time when I would ever have worn them I tend to live in trousers and jeans so I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t look as daft as I thought I might in this loungewear set. It’s fleece lined and really warm so perfect for this colder weather. Both top and bottom feature drawstrings and cuffs. The top on me I found if not drawn tight more or less met the bottoms, but then I’m 5’2 so on a taller person the top would be more of a crop style. At £28.99 I thought this was a bargain for enjoying a comfortable weekend whether that’s spent Christmas shopping or enjoying a movie in front of the TV. Also comes in stone, grey and camel. Available in sizes 4 – 16.

Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers – Lizzie

As I said before I really don’t wear joggers so I have certainly discovered a new love for them when I see that they don’t make me look as ridiculous as I expected, I think I imagined they would pile the weight on me as I am bottom heavy and didn’t want to accentuate this but I was wrong! Again these were amazingly warm, fleece lined, with an elasticated waist (great for those big Sunday lunches!) drawstring tie, cuffed bottoms, and pockets – they have to have pockets! Teamed with my favourite comfy trainers they are now a firm favourite and at £11.99 they’re a steal! Available in sizes 6 – 16.

White ‘Fearless Femme’ Oversized T-Shirt – Lily

I do love a good t-shirt and I have to say of everything I chose this was my absolute favourite of all the tops and in fact of all the clothing. It’s an oversize crew neck t-shirt style, in good quality thick cotton so your bra doesn’t scream from underneath. It’s roomy but not completely shapeless which is how I like my t-shirts. The text to the front in black reads Fearless Femme. I teamed it with black skinny jeans and trainers, it would also be fab with leggings or jean shorts in the summer. At £4.99 it’s cheap as chips too! Available in sizes S – XL.

White ‘La Femme’ Slogan Print Lip T-Shirt – Rayna

I tend to be covered up and sensible all the time whether I’m at work, home or o for this t-shirt adorned with leopard print red lips and La Femme I went all out, why keep it for jeans when you can get the legs out and team it with a belt and heels? Again I couldn’t believe it was only £4.99. Available in sizes S – XL.

Overall I was really pleased with what I received and they are items I can and will wear again and again. I found it really made me feel good about myself as the sizing was spot on, there’s nothing worse than buying something you think is your size only to find you couldn’t squeeze a small child into it and it was fun to decide what to wear the items with. There is also a good range of sizing too. There’s something to suit everyone from dresses and tops to shoes and accessories. Sadly due to Covid a lot of functions won’t happen this year that the dresses would be perfect for however why not dress up to eat your Christmas lunch? With everything being so affordable you can treat yourself or even a special someone with Christmas looming around the corner. Have you ever tried any clothing from Femme Luxe?

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