Covid After Vaccination – My Experience

I haven’t really written much lately, haven’t had the time, the motivation or anything really to write about. There is one topic however that is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Covid. It’s taken over everything for the last 18 months or so and there’s no getting away from it. I’d managed to dodge it … More Covid After Vaccination – My Experience

The Rodeo

Well he’s a nice looking fella! mused Juliette over her Malibu and Coke, absentmindedly ramming the paper umbrella up her nostril and trying to cover it by leaning over to check her left sandal before realising that was giving everyone a birds eye view of her Wonderbra clad chest, ordinarily she wouldn’t be that bothered … More The Rodeo

Review | Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Mia

*Disclosure: Contains gifted items. We were extremely lucky to receive a gorgeous bundle of Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams products to review recently, just brilliant for role play activities. The bundle included: Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Mia Deluxe Sheep Onesie Sweet Dreams Nightwear Backpack Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Mia Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Mia is a … More Review | Baby Annabell Sweet Dreams Mia

Exante Diet Week 8

Week 8, the week my children go back to school and considering how much time I’ve spent worrying, panicking and stressing no doubt all will be well. At least until I get a phone call because one of them coughed… Thoughts this week All the shopping I’ve done and the hours spent traipsing round to … More Exante Diet Week 8