Dear Diary #4

Number of times I’ve been called Mum: 22,550 Number of fights broken up: 3264 Dear Diary… Argument with the Teen today about him listening to music too loud through his headphones. Yeah, he can roll his eyes and tell me to stop nagging but let’s see how funny it is when he can’t hear a damn … More Dear Diary #4

10 Facts About Me

I’ve been nominated by Paul at Cheeky Dad Blog for a blogging challenge where I tell you lot 10 facts about myself. Going to be a challenge finding 10 interesting things believe me. I’m right boring. 1. I hate being late, it’s an obsession of mine. I’ve only been late for work once in 20 years and … More 10 Facts About Me

Turning A Blind Eye

One of my favourite bloggers namely Alan at OMG It’s A Girl wrote this post about Domestic Violence and how people can sometimes not intervene in arguments if they walked past them in the street for fear of what might happen if they do. Today I’m writing something in a similar vein but this time it’s … More Turning A Blind Eye