The Rodeo

Well he’s a nice looking fella! mused Juliette over her Malibu and Coke, absentmindedly ramming the paper umbrella up her nostril and trying to cover it by leaning over to check her left sandal before realising that was giving everyone a birds eye view of her Wonderbra clad chest, ordinarily she wouldn’t be that bothered … More The Rodeo

The Sticky Floor

Bloody hell it’s dark as arseholes in here! thought Mum as she strolled into the kitchen. By my age you’d think I’d have grown out of my fear of the dark, she thought. But no, get in, get out and run up the stairs, that’s how it’s done and no one and nothing can get … More The Sticky Floor

The Red Shoes

It’s freezing in here! Juliette thought, although she wasn’t sure whether the shaking was from absolute terror or the fact she had nothing on but her birthday suit and was hiding in a corner of the living room, next to the chimney breast hoping the cobwebs were long abandoned. Oh god please don’t let her catch … More The Red Shoes

The Ghost

There were once four teenaged girls – Juliet, Clara, Susan and Simone – girls who had been more excited than they’d ever been in their lives at going on a residential school trip. No Mums and Dads, no annoying siblings, just them (and the 2 teachers and a bunch of other kids but let’s not … More The Ghost

Help Wanted

There was once a Mum, a Mum who regularly cursed herself for forgetting to remove the washing from the washing machine and it had part dried in stinky, damp dish rag style so she had to wash it all again. Anyway, one day this Mum was minding her own business, putting all manner of crap … More Help Wanted

The Stain

Just to add a bit of context to the story it’s set in the 80’s and absolutely not about my brother and I.* *It is. Once upon a time there was a Mum, a Mum who was a little shouty at times but always kind and quick to offer a hug. She had 2 children … More The Stain

The Broken Arm

Now anyone who comes to read my nonsense knows that I just cannot take anything seriously, so whilst this is a true story I have put a humerus (see what I did there 😉) spin on it for your benefit and mine. It wasn’t funny at the time but if I teach my kids anything … More The Broken Arm