The School’s Calling

It’s a phonecall you hate getting, next to Unknown number, seeing the school’s number on your phone screen is terror inducing. All sorts goes through your mind. What’s happened? Who’s hurt? What have they done? I’ve had various phonecalls in my time and inspired by a conversation with an old friend (who sadly I don’t … More The School’s Calling

3 going on 13!

Who’s tougher a 16 year old or 3 year old? I have both and they are different in some ways but both are very testing.Thankfully my 6 year old is very well behaved and mild mannered (as was my teen until he hit 14) and my girl is something else entirely! There are times when they … More 3 going on 13!

Triple Trouble!

So,linking up with A Dirty Nappy in a linky to make a friend laugh who’s just had baby number 2!Congrats by the way.Now say goodbye to sleep,hairbrushing and grown up TV programmes! When I had my first I said i’d never do it again.I lied.16 years later I now have 3. I also have mountain-sized bags … More Triple Trouble!

Teenage Heartbreak

Having seen my eldest go through the heartache that is being dumped for the first time, I can honestly say I REALLY don’t miss my teens! Yes, I had some great times, some really good giggles with the girls watching horror films that scared the shite out of me – those frigging Children of the … More Teenage Heartbreak