All Change

So you may have noticed I’ve rebranded! Now that my children have got a bit older, my life is a little less about toys so I thought at some stage I needed to evolve and now seems a good a time as any! So I’m no longer Pickinguptoys but I’m still the same dippy sod … More All Change

Exante Diet Week 5

Week 5 on my  Exante journey and what a scorcher it’s been! Lucky for me I find the heat really reduces my appetite so it’s done me a huge favour. Thoughts this week As I said above I tend to lose my appetite when it’s hot and as a bonus because hot weather makes you thirsty it’s … More Exante Diet Week 5

Exante Diet Week 4

I can’t quite believe I’m already on week 4! If you’ve been following my Exante journey you’ll know I’ve been using this meal replacement system to try and shift the weight, if not here’s Week 1’s post. Throughout I have purchased all items myself. Thoughts this week I don’t drink anywhere enough water, I simply … More Exante Diet Week 4

Exante Diet Week 3

Week 3 done on my Exante journey and I’m really pleased with my results this week. Normally by this point I would have given up and had a biscuit but I haven’t strayed, I haven’t caved and I’m feeling extremely bloody proud of myself. Thoughts this week I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s posts, pictures and … More Exante Diet Week 3

Exante Diet Week 1

I’ll start this post by saying it isn’t sponsored in any way, I chose this diet plan myself and paid for it. I want to lose weight, it’s literally that simple and I’ve suddenly found myself in the right headspace to get on with it. I’ve spoken about my weight before here, I am sick … More Exante Diet Week 1