Dear Diary #1

As I no longer keep a ‘proper’ diary – well I do but it’s at the bottom of my handbag with pen marks and a random raisin stuck to it – I’ve decided to start a blog version instead. It won’t be as interesting as my teenage one then again my teens weren’t all that exciting … More Dear Diary #1

18th Birthdays

My eldest ‘child’ has just turned 18. I can’t believe where the time has gone and I certainly don’t feel old enough to be the Mother of an 18 year old – crow’s feet tell me otherwise however. It’s made me think back to when I turned 18 and what I was doing at the … More 18th Birthdays

Nineties Nonsense

Growing up for me  was, I imagine like growing up for anyone who was a teen in the 90’s, I spent my evenings ‘down the leisure’ I ate bags of beef Space Raiders and chips in cones made to look like newspaper, played Street Fighter on the arcade machine and drank Lilt. Elbowed my mates when one or … More Nineties Nonsense

Wasn’t me!

  Today’s post contains a nod to ‘Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me’ in parody form which I loved (still do). What is it with kids behaving differently for their parents than they do with others? We’ve all been to a parents evening and sat there with our gobs hanging open when the teacher says ‘she’s a … More Wasn’t me!