Lucas Frank Review

We have been trying out some gorgeous clothing from  Lucas Frank who, if you haven’t heard of them is a clothing company started by the parents of a little boy -Lucas Frank- in Yorkshire when they were inspired by their cute baby son. They wanted the clothes he wore to be smart, stylish and above all, boyishly British. … More Lucas Frank Review

3 going on 13!

Who’s tougher a 16 year old or 3 year old? I have both and they are different in some ways but both are very testing.Thankfully my 6 year old is very well behaved and mild mannered (as was my teen until he hit 14) and my girl is something else entirely! There are times when they … More 3 going on 13!

Triple Trouble!

So,linking up with A Dirty Nappy in a linky to make a friend laugh who’s just had baby number 2!Congrats by the way.Now say goodbye to sleep,hairbrushing and grown up TV programmes! When I had my first I said i’d never do it again.I lied.16 years later I now have 3. I also have mountain-sized bags … More Triple Trouble!